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What is WunderChef?

Home cooked from home chefs near you. So home cooked for real. In a home kitchen. Not cooked in a kiosk. And actually not take-away food – because we deliver to you.

Come again?

Precisely, among our chefs you might very well be able to find your neighbor or your mother. WunderChef is a platform for everyone that wants to reach others with their cooking (and for all of us that never say no to some good food).

You can look at it as a smooth way to match people that love to cook food and people that probably don’t always wish to do just that – but love to eat.

In the kitchen Regular people just like you, with a passion for cooking food

Our chefs are an amazingly diverse ensemble of different nationalities and food cultures.

They are our neighbors, friends, colleagues and parents. They have a true love for cooking, but perhaps could not do it as their plan A from the beginning.

Their cooking passion took them to WunderChef. Do you also want to pursue your culinary dreams.

Apply now.

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"WunderChef makes my day! The best of both worlds, home-cooked food in a take-away format. A service that even celebrates Malmö’s diversity!"


"I use WunderChef because it is a convenient and simple way to order home-cooked food. It makes my day easier and the variation of food from different cultures means that there is always something new to try out."


"I have had the chance to test the service a number of times and I am really satisfied. The food is extremely good, the service is exceptional and overall: it’s a great experience! I am a regular!"

Sweet packaging

Home-cooked food is special, that is why we have special packaging.

Our take-away boxes are a celebration of the food they contain, while being environmentally friendly.